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- Song Editor

Song Editor

You can use the editor of MotionTab create and edit your own songs! This is a tutorial log for how to use the editor.


You can pan the guitar by clicking and dragging on the guitar while holding M.


You can zoom in and out by scrolling the mouse while holding Z.

Creating a note

Double clicking with the left mouse button will create a note at current mouse position. After creation, the note is selected. If you press a number on the keyboard, you will change the fret assigned to the selected note.

There is also skip the mouse and only use the keyboard to create a note. By pressing the arrow keys on the keyboard you can navigate to a position on the guitar. By pressing a number on the keyboard, you will create a note with the respected fret assigned. This way of creation notes can be faster sometimes.

Selecting a note

You can select a note by clicking it. To select multiple notes, click and drag to create a selection rectangle.

Move a note

When a note is selected, you are able to move it by clicking on the note and dragging it around.

Note duration

When a note is selected, you are able to change the duration of to note by dragging the black circle to the far right side of the note. You can also drag the white circle to change when the note will start to fade.

Note finger

You can assign a color to a note, which represents the finger you recommend to play the note with. To do this, select a note and press one of the following keys:

Q: Pinky – Blue
W: Ring finger- Yellow
E: Middle finger - Red
R: Index finger - Green
T: No finger, Default – Grey

Hammer On and Pull Off notes

You can assign a Hammer On or Pull Off technique to a note. To do this, select the note, and press either H for Hammer On or P for Pull Off.

Bend and Slide notes

You can bend or slide towards the next note. To do this, place two notes on the same string. Select the first note (the note to the left) and press either B to bend or S to Slide. When the note is selected, you can drag the B or S circle to indicate when the bend or slide should start.

Increase by half

Sometimes when bending a note, you bend it just a little further then a complete fret. To do this, select a note and press the ~ key (left to the 1 key). This will increase the note half a fret.

Muted notes

Sometimes you want to put your fingers on a fret before you even play the note. You can indicate the timing of this by placing a muted note. To mute a note, select it, and press O.

Normal notes

To reset a note’s technique back to normal, select the note and press N.

Delete notes

To delete a note, select it and press either Backspace or Delete.

Cut, Copy and Paste notes

To Cut a note, select it and press X. To copy a note, select it and press C. To paste cut or copied press V.

Flood selection

Sometimes you want to select everything to the right of a note. You can do this by selecting a note, and pressing >. To select everything to the left of the note, press <. To select all notes press A.

Working with Samples

You can edit a song trough Samples (bottom left). To add a sample to the final song, click and drag it to the song list (to the right). By editing a Sample, you edit all the instances of that sample in the final song. This can make it easier to organize parts of the song.